Skin Test Policy

Please check your skin test is valid

A valid skin test is essential to guarantee that your appointment can go ahead. Failure in having a valid skin test will unfortunately result in clients being turned away from their colour appointment.

There are 2 options of how a skin test can be carried out , This is either at the salon or from the comfort of your own home.

all new clients will need a consultation before you book a colour appointment but can choose either option for your skin test at the time of your consultation.

Option 1

pop in to the salon within 10 days and up to 48 hours before your colour appointment takes place. This will be applied behind your ear and will be valid up to 6 months.

Skin test will be invalid if:

  • You are a new customer.
  • It’s been longer than 6 months since you last visited Justice for hair.
  • Its been 6 months since your last skin test , even if your having your regular colour
  • If you have had your hair dyed elsewhere or applied a colour at home since your last visit.


This includes:

  • Henna colours
  • Root cover up colours/box dyes
  • Hair lightening shampoos/sprays
  • When changing your colour ( A colour consultation will be needed prior also.)
  • Any medical reasons that you think we need to know about and be aware of.
  • Have had any reactions to any products (except colour)
  • Semi-permanent make up or black henna tattoo’s .

Options 2

Purchase and be part of the Colourstart passport, your Colourstart Passport will enable you to have full peace of mind for your colour years to come. Purchase your Colourstart skin test patch from us for £15 and answer a simple set of questions. You will need to apply your Colourstar test at least 5 days before your hair colour appointment, and you will need to screen your information each time you visit our salon.

For more information on Colourstart passport visit their website at